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This portable Apple Watch wireless charger makes sure you have power on the go


Ask most Apple Watch users about their biggest beef with the most popular wearable in tech today and many will likely answer with the same beef had by many users of wirelessly charged devices.

It just isn't so simple making sure your wireless charger is lined up properly with your device to get a steady, reliable charge. There's nothing worse than leaving your Apple Watch to charge overnight, only to realize the charge connection never happened and your watch is all but dead to start your day.

This brainy little Apple Watch wireless charging keychain takes on that problem head-on…and solves it.

The difference-maker is a magnetic center ring built into the heart of this pocket-sized 950mAh battery. The magnet itself is strong enough to allow you to freely adjust the angle between the charger and the watch while never deviating enough from the charger center to foul up the connection.

That offers an unrestricted flow of lithium-ion battery-packing power capable of charging all iWatch series models. It also includes LED lights to show you the charging status of the charger and your watch. This charger is even capable of passthrough charging, so you can juice up your device while the charger itself is receiving power.

In addition to its charging prowess, the real selling point here is having reliable wireless charging capability anytime you need it without lugging a weighty, cumbersome power bank around. This keychain charger is only three inches long, and with the attached clip, you can easily snap this charger right on to your keyring so it's always available at a moment's notice.

Peace of mind like that is priceless, even though the actual price of this portable charger is anything but astronomical. Regularly $49, you can now save almost 60 percent off your total purchase, cutting the price of this sneaky powerful EDC device down to only $19.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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