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NBA, NBPA Likely To Push Back CBA Opt-Out Deadline By A Few Days


With several issues still to be agreed upon, Malcolm Brogdon said that he "absolutely" expects Friday's deadline for the NBA or the National Basketball Players Association to opt out of the collective bargaining agreement to be pushed back

Brogdon is a vice president in the NBPA.

"The way talks are going, this is a super-complicated issue, and there's a lot to balance. [There's] a lot of minds working on this collaboratively, on both sides. So it's going to take some time.

"I don't think a few weeks, but I think it will take at least a few more days."

One significant issue is determining when the season will begin as the players are pushing back on the league's proposal of a Dec. 22 start. Another possibility is to begin on Martin Luther King Day in mid-January.

"I think those are the two options," Brogdon said. "We're either going to start MLK Day, which I think a lot of the players are leaning towards, or we're going to start the 22nd, Christmastime. But the huge difference is revenue. Revenue, and trying to get the season back on track to start in that September-October range. So I think calculations are being done on both sides on how much revenue would be lost for each potential date, and we'll have to come to some type of agreement and go from there."


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