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Get over 45 hours of elite Microsoft Excel training for just $40


If there was ever a better endorsement for making sure your resume skills are just as good as you say they are, look no further than Great Britain.

Last week, Public Health England used an outdated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which inadvertently underreported the number of positive COVID-19 diagnosed cases during the week. Because of the error, almost 50,000 Britons who had contact with a recently infected carrier weren't contacted and traced.

And it's all because someone didn't spot the difference between an XLS file and an XSLX file. 

Hopefully, you'll never make an Excel mistake of that magnitude, but that would be incredibly unlikely after the training in The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle.

The bundle features eight courses that bring everything from the basic commands of Excel all the way through its most advanced applications into clear focus. Even a novice Excel user can get a firm grip on how to use the foundational data organization and analysis tool to find the facts hidden inside the raw data.

Things kick off at the ground level with Excel Beginner 2019, introducing users to Excel's fundamentals so they can get comfortable using, building and maintaining spreadsheets. As for Mac users, the Excel Beginner for Mac 2019 course has those users covered as well.

With the basics in hand, Excel Advanced 2019 goes further, offering more expert Excel moves that get into high-level consolidation, analysis, reporting of financial information, calculating interest, figuring depreciation and more. Excel for Business Analysts expands on this training, including specific functions, formulas, and tools in Excel to handle serious data analysis projects.

PivotTables, their role in data analysis, and more take center stage in Advanced PivotTables in Excel. Meanwhile, Power Pivot, Power Query and DAX in Excel, uncovers how to handle high-powered data sorting and using the DAX formula language.

And since Excel and all of its number-crunching power are made possible by its proprietary programming language, the VBA for Beginners and VBA Intermediate explain what knowing how to manipulate that code means in the hands of expert users

A nearly $650 value, it's now only $39.99 to get access to all of this high-level Excel training.

Prices are subject to change.

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