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Adam Schefter Fleeced His Fantasy Football League By Adding Antonio Brown Prior To Report Of WR’s Possible Return


ESPN's Adam Schefter gets caught adding Antonio Brown on his fantasy football team prior to his report about WR's possible return

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We all know Adam Schefter as the quickest NFL reporter under the sun, with the longtime ESPN personality firing of insights and dropping news on us left and right. Just like Adrian Wojnarowski does with NBA news by dropping Woj Bombs, Schefty does something similar, usually being the first to give the fans what they want.

Of course, there are some serious benefits to having such inside knowledge of all the happenings going on in the league. One of those recently got exposed on Twitter when ESPN’s Vice President of Production, Seth Markman, caught Adam Schefter adding wide receiver Antonio Brown to his fantasy football team prior to making the announcement that the Seattle Seahawks are interested in signing Brown. Markman and Schefter play in a league together, so you know this had to piss off the rest of the team owners.

Man, talk about slyly swooping in there and taking advantage of the information provided to you, huh? If this were insider trading, Schefter would be busted hard for pulling that kind of stunt. Lucky for him, it’s just a fun fantasy football league that shouldn’t require any jail time — just public humiliation.

You can’t hate the player here, guys. While it’s some B.S. that Adam Schefter pulled a stunt like this, everyone in that league knows the dude has direct access to every single NFL team’s front office, so I’m surprised he isn’t doing this pretty much every week. The fact that he’s just utilizing his connections is smart by him.

Then again, how pissed off would you be if you were one of the other team owners in this fantasy football league right now? You’ve got Russell Wilson cookin’ with an already explosive Seahawks offense, and now they’re about to add an All-Pro talent in Antonio Brown. Before anybody else knows about it, Schefty goes out and does this. Man, you can’t hate the player in this instance, you’ve really just got to hate the game.

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