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Washington D.C.’s NFL Franchise to Retire ‘Redskins’ Name

Washington D.C.’s NFL Franchise to Retire ‘Redskins’ Name


Washington D.C.’s NFL franchise will retire its old name, “Redskins,” which is widely considered to be racist towards Native Americans, and announce a new name at a later date, The Washington Post reports.

While the team has yet to make an official statement, various sources confirmed the impending announcement to The Post, as well as other outlets like ESPN Sunday night. The decision comes after the franchise announced at the beginning of July that, “In light of recent events around our country and feedback from our community… the team will undergo a thorough review of the team’s name.”

It’s unclear when the new team name will be announced, though the franchise hopes to have it settled by the start of the 2020 NFL season. Coach Ron Rivera has been working with team owner Daniel Snyder to come up with a new name, and while they do have a top choice replacement name, it’s reportedly tied up in a trademark fight.

In a July 4th interview with The Washington Post, Rivera said there were two criteria he wanted to meet for a new name: First, that it be respectful of Native American culture and traditions, and second, that it serve as a tribute to the military and the many Native Americans that served.

The Washington NFL team has used its old name for 87 years, and despite plenty of criticism and pressure, Snyder had previously bluntly rebuffed any calls to find a new name. The about face came amid the latest wave of Black Lives Matter protests, and increased pressure from both the NFL and corporate sponsors. One of the team’s top sponsors, FedEx, said it would take its name off the team’s stadium, FedEX Field, if the name wasn’t changed, while Nike, PepsiCo and Bank of America also threatened to cut ties with the team.

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