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NBA, NBPA To Address Revenue Drop, Won't Negotiate New CBA


Michele Roberts said the NBA and NBPA are "beginning some very high-level discussions with respect to what the potential issues are," concerning the projected drop in league revenues due to COVID-19.

Roberts also said the laborious process that was necessary for the NBA and the union to hash out how to put the bubble together, and then actually go through the process of doing so, "took just about all of the oxygen out of the room."

Roberts is sure, however, that there won't be discussions about a complete renegotiation of the existing collective bargaining agreement. Either side can opt out of the current agreement by Dec. 15, 2022.

"My preference is that we take care of the only things that we have to take care of, and that is to deal with what presumably is going to be a reduction in revenue of some consequence," she said. "So, no, the notion of accelerating a renegotiation of the CBA, no. That's not something that has been addressed and, I would venture to say, is not going to happen.

"We'll do what we have to do and no more, and then we'll move on."


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