Is America Irrational, Or Just Under The Influence Of Mind Control-And What Can Be Done? DMT.NEWS - DMT NEWS

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Is America Irrational, Or Just Under The Influence Of Mind Control-And What Can Be Done? DMT.NEWS

Article By WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” -Edward Bernays

Many Americans believe they are completely in control of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions. They also believe they are in possession of their faculties and ideas, and that they make their own decisions and choose their own destiny. But unlike the rest of the world that sees the United States as a highly irrational country and on a collision course with disaster, the reason most Americans cannot see how much they are-and have been-under the influence of mind control is mind control. People with psychosis do not realize that they are in a psychological crisis.

Americans Cannot Bear Much Reality

As the U.S. gives up its fight against COVID-19, experiencing 50,000 cases a day (totaling over 2 million) followed by thousands of more deaths (now 135,000), mass shootings and gun violence continues to kill nearly 40,000 Americans each year. America also is the richest country in the world but has more than a half a million people homeless and 28 million without health insurance. Along with the infant mortality rate placing 33rd out of the wealthiest nations, one out of six children suffer from hunger. More than 200,000 children live in the streets.

On corruption issues, the U.S. just dropped six places to 22 in the Transparency International ranking. The problem was not ordinary corruption like bribery, but rather President Donald Trump destroying the very foundations of the rule of law. In the 2019 Global Peace Index, America ranked 128th in the world, involved in military violence around the world-war, arms sales, and military bases. And while America has the highest prison rate of any country, the country’s economic inequality ranks fourth from the bottom of the wealthiest countries in the world.

The Great Mind Control Experiment

Psychologists suggest that Americans have lost touch with reality and are facing an “illusion out of control,” which raises the question: “How would they ever know that they were under the influence of mind control?” Making matters worse, many do not recognize how they are continually influenced by their parents, friends, employers, colleagues, government, and especially the mass media-traditional and online. Considering that people with psychosis do not usually realize they are in a psychological crisis until it is too late, America’s future looks very bleak.

So bleak that no one noticed the death of a Florida teen at the hands of her conspiracy theorist mom who took her daughter to a “COVID Party” and then tried to treat her with the president’s unapproved drug remedy. According to the Raw Story, Carsyn Davis died after she contracted COVID-19 at a pro-Trump church event which flaunted facemasks and social distancing. Upon developing headaches and a fever, the mother gave her hydroxychloroquine. At the girl’s funeral, the church family and mother who is a QAnon conspiracist hailed her as a true patriot.

This may seem extreme, but it is no more extreme than believing that America is a peace-loving nation (despite triggering the most wars since World War II) and gun laws and gun deaths are unconnected, or that private enterprise is good and public enterprise is bad. The same goes with the illusion that America’s healthcare system is the best in the world, that cheap energy is a birthright, that the founding fathers were saints, and that God created America for a special purpose and is exceptional. Such fantasies have killed more people than a conspiracist mom and her church.

How Do We Know?

In the “Cult of Trump,” Steven Haas suggests five things Americans can do to know if they are under the influence of mind control. The first is a reality test. Disconnect from all sources of influence that could reinforce a current point of view, including social media sites and news stations like Fox news. Another is self-learning. Read about mind control techniques and the history of how the State, CIA, mass media, corporate right, and even Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet, have all tried to socially engineer political, economic, social, and cultural habits and beliefs.

Something else People can do is to buck the confines of a two-party system that repeatedly defines the narrow political spectrum of debate for America. Consider the viewpoints of critics and seek out highly respected, credentialed experts who hold different views. Also, be aware of trigger words like “fake news,” “deep state,” or “radical Democrats.” Question all things-especially the source, such as who said:

“Trump is the greatest president of all times” or “God has chosen Trump.”

Always adopt a neutral attitude and depend on facts and critical, evaluative thinking skills.

Something else that is important is self-reflection and a dispassionate perspective. People should trace step-by-step how they arrived at their current point of view, including how realistic it is. Ask: “Would you knowingly give up your power to choose and blindly follow someone who demonstrably lies numerous times a day?” “Would you support someone who repeatedly makes false and exaggerated claims?” And finally, “Did you support Donald Trump because you despised Hillary Clinton, or because Barack Obama was an African American?”

Confirmation Bias and Conspiracies

David Weissman, a former Trump supporter, described in “Forward” how he was influenced to hate Hillary Clinton and follow Donald Trump. “I did not even think to research any of Clinton’s accomplishments as First Lady, Senator, or Secretary of State-like most conservatives, I just focused on her seemingly never ending ‘scandals.’ I was part of the ‘Lock Her Up!’ crowd, even though she was thoroughly investigated and cleared by the FBI.” He also denied evidence which showed several FBI agents were misogynist, ensuring that she would never be president.

Like many Americans, David Weissman suffered from confirmation bias-how our minds filter and select information that confirms our own preconceived perception and dismisses information that does not fit in or negates it. Consequently, Steven Hassan warns that confirmation bias is certainly not limited to cults. Indeed, most everyone sees and hears what they only want to, whether they realize it or not, and rationalize away what does not fit their preconceptions and predictions. It is just that some societies suffer from severe confirmation bias instead of mild.

Societies also can suffer from too many conspiracies. They can be so overwhelming that people gloss over falsified data. While it is good to be suspect it is more needful to do a thorough investigation and accept the evidence. Coronavirus denialism has become a political problem and public health crisis. As Americans continue to die, physically and literally, many still believe it is a hoax to harm President Trump’s chances for reelection. Consequently, what propaganda is to totalitarian societies is what conspiracies are to democracies. Both promise an age of schizophrenia.

Other Secrets to Mind Control

Two highly sophisticated tools in the mind controller’s arsenal is to deceptively edit reality and doublespeak. Fox News and Tucker Carlson just cropped out a photo of Donald Trump alongside Jeffrey Epstein and deceptively edited a video clip to accuse veteran Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth of “hating America.” News was falsified in both cases, with the latter sending a message: disagreeing with the Republican establishment equals hate. A critical person might have the power to question and reserve judgement, but not people influenced by mind control.

George Orwell’s “1984” warns that language can be manipulated and convoluted so that freedom becomes a synonym for slavery.

He called it doublespeak-using language that deliberately obscures, disguises, and even reverses the meaning of words.

The result is the ability to hold contradictory statements in one’s mind without noticing the discrepancy. President Trump is masterful at this, as lies become “truth” the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a Democratic hoax to destroy his presidency (despite 140,000 deaths), and opponents are “haters.”

The Most Important Question

In total capitalist systems such as the U.S., the ownership of reality is being fought over. The most important question to ask is if certain beliefs are amenable to reason and one’s own experience-including the experience of others which guards against the cult of solipsism. If ideas like America is a peace-loving nation or created by God for a purpose do not reflect reason-as reason relates to empiricism, then it is not a fact but a dangerous ideology. Reason exists, but not always in reasonable form that withstands empirical truths. Failure to question psychotic ideas in relation to empirical truths is psychosis, an unshakeable belief in things untrue.

Under the influence of this kind of mind control, it is hard to know what is real from what is imagined. Indeed, the greatest danger may not be just the external forces one faces but the inverted surveillance and policing of the mind.

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