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Diet Prada is launching a fashion subscription service


Since 2014, self-appointed fashion police Diet Prada have been responsible for calling out the industry for plagiarism, model exploitation, sexual assault, racism, and more. Now, the Instagram account, led by New Yorkers Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, has announced that it’s joining membership platform Patreon.

Revealed yesterday (July 28) on Instagram, the Patreon subscription will include “specifically curated content for our most fashion-obsessed followers”, with the first article dropping today.

“Hey Dieters, we are now on Patreon! If you’ve loved our content over the last five years and ever wondered how you can support, subscribing to our Patreon is a great way!” Diet Prada said on Instagram.

“You’ll not only get access to exclusive content, but it’s also a meaningful way to help sustain an independent source of news and information. With your support, we can continue retaining an independent voice and full editorial and creative control,” they added.

Dieters can expect a range of exclusive articles, ranging from deep dives into forgotten trends, in-depth looks at recent runways knockoffs, and op-eds. “We have a lot to say that won’t fit into an Instagram caption,” reads a membership description. Subscribers will also get early access to merch drops, along with discounts and “maybe even some special goodies”.

You can find out more about Diet Prada’s subscription on Patreon.

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