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WHO Instructs Indonesia: Cease all Hydroxychloroquine treatment DMT.NEWS

The WHO has Instructed Indonesia to stop Doctors and hospitals providing Hydroxychloroquine treatment to Covid-19 patients.

Again another prime example of the WHO / FAUCI / GATES Control Mechanism at play, pushing the Covid Vaccine as the ONLY available Panacea to all our woes.

The Moderna Covid trial Vaccine had no better results than the body's own immune system and yet everyone is very excited about a possible Vaccine being released, which as we all know should normally require 5 years of Double blind Placebo tests, but no let's instead bypass traditional vaccination trials and fast track a product which as Dr Fauci himself said may lead to more dangerous side effects than the Virus itself.

Strangely, the Evidence is now overwhelmingly in favour of Hydroxychloroquine to be given to (practically) all patients who have tested positive for Covid 19 and the results following mass public treatment using this tried and tested treatment which as most of us are aware is also an effective treatment for Malaria, but no instead the WHO decides to pressurise a sovereign Government in to banning the one proven remedy that actually treats Covid 19.

Meanwhile the Brazilian Government, like the US has decided to ignore WHO directives and make the treatment easily available to its people.

Let us hope the Indonesian Government also has the sense to Ban the festering WHO from their Country with their very clear life destroying nefarious agenda.

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by , Khareem Sudlow