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Many NBA Players Don't Appear To Have 'Huge Fear' Of COVID-19


There have been a number of positive COVID-19 tests amongst players publicly reported this week and it is believed to be even additional cases have not been reported, which may speak to how easily the virus can spread but also the lack of concern amongst players on their risk level if they are infected. The widely held belief is that COVID-19 is more dangerous for older people and for those with preexisting conditions such as respiratory issues.

"The players believe, at least some of them believe, I know because I've talked to folks who are advising them that the data tables on this show that getting infected has a generally positive outcome," said Brian Windhorst on his podcast. "And that I don't think there's, how do I say this...? My feel from talking to people is that there isn't a huge fear. Because many of the players know other players who have had it and talked to them and they've described it and they've bounced back."

"If there was a huge fear, they wouldn't be out playing pickup ball," replied Tim MacMahon.

Buddy Hield, who tested positive for COVID-19, was playing in a men's summer league in Oklahoma City.

"Better now than at the end of July or August once the bubble has started," said MacMahon.


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