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Mr Neil Ferguson, COVID 19 fatalities Model, Imperial College London DMT.NEWS

What a shame and a SHAM that We have so few World Leaders in place today with the ability to apply 'independent' logic to the issues at hand, or even be just a little responsible for the damage that poor unsubstantiated, unchecked and unverified advice, analysis and general government mismanagement has caused.

Nearly EVERY Government in the World has used Mr Fergusons's so called "Model" as a basis for Locking Down their Citizens, their Economies and the World.

Mr Neil Ferguson took over 6 weeks to release the CODE for his so called MODEL, and only did so after significant pressure.

WHY would the UK Government not have checked his code first before declaring a national emergency, passing illegal never before seen or dreamt of laws through Parliament in the dead of night, under everyones nose and of course The BBC is 100% complicit in their nefarious skullduggery and cover up of the Truth and the facts.

The reality is his code was not even on a par with a 1st year grade coder at University, according the 100's of Coders who have analysed Mr Ferguson's code. It is safe to say it was a total Sham as was the almost universal Government response to it.

There are going to be some major Law suits and we should not be surprised when Government declare bankruptcy or resignations for this is the only outcome, the only result of the revelations and truths that will surely come to light in the coming months as some things today cannot be covered up.

Mr Neil Ferguson's model for which, after persuading most Western Governments and thereby developing nations as well to follow never before seen draconian measures which not only threaten ones liberty, health and wealth all in one blow, but have no basis in Logic.

Mr Ferguson took 6 weeks to release the Code, after we had all been locked down for over 2 months and it has proven to be a total Sham and yet many Governments who followed Mr Fergusons advice and the WHO Management directives, still have their populations locked down today and are enforcing social distancing measures which not only impinge on ones civil liberties, but at the end of the day only have the effect of overall harming the human population.


WN Team Editor

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by , Khareem Sudlow