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Joan Sebastian Opens Up About His Fears in New Posthumous Single ‘Hoy Tengo Miedo’: Exclusive

Joan Sebastian Opens Up About His Fears in New Posthumous Single ‘Hoy Tengo Miedo’: Exclusive


Almost five years after his passing, a new single by Joan Sebastian is released posthumously. Coined “Hoy Tengo Miedo” (I’m Scared Today), it’s premiering exclusively on Billboard on April 30.

For the romantic ranchera, the late Mexican icon known as El Rey del Jaripeo penned heartfelt lyrics about his fears and life lessons. “I’m scared / Over the years I became a coward / As a child I used to face any monster, life, and its dangers, without fear / But I recognize that I already changed / Today, I fear even the shadow of pain.”

“I definitely think it’s a song that people will like and make them remember the artist who was Joan Sebastian,” José Manuel Figueroa, Regional Mexican artist and son of Sebastian, tells Billboard. “Let’s hope that his fans receive it with much affection and that it also causes them the same emotion that it causes me.”

The single comes hand in hand with the release of a poem called “Me Voy A Comprar Un Perro” (I’m going to buy myself a dog), in which Sebastian wrote about the fidelity of a dog is greater than that of a love interest.

“My father had many songs that he composed and he always tried to write a poem beforehand so that he would not have to explain what the song was about,” Figueroa says. “In this case, it’s a song and poem that complements each other perfectly. It’s definitely a poem that will fill the void when you are dealing with heartbreak and loneliness. This really touched my soul, a dog is man’s best friend.”

Both the single and poem are released with a music video that was filmed in Sebastian’s ranch, showing images of actor Fernando Javier Sánchez Machado portraying Sebastian and interlaced with scenes of “El Rey del Jaripeo” riding a horse around a rodeo stadium.

“It was a challenge to find footage of my father. We wanted to give him his value and correct place in the video,” Figueroa explains. “I think the images speak for themselves and they add tenderness and love to the song that I believe cannot be equaled.”

“Hoy Tengo Miedo/Me Voy A Comprar Un Perro” is Sebastian’s second single released posthumously, following the Calibre 50-assisted track “Que Sea” released on Feb. 27, 2020.

“The song was not meant to be released as a single but we’re happy it did because Calibre 50 gave it a fresh sound,” Figueroa states. “They have a new generation of followers and it’s opening the doors for the youth to discover and fall in love with Joan Sebastian’s music.”

Both singles form part of an upcoming Joan Sebastian album, with unpublished songs, expected to be released on July 13, 2020, five years after his passing.

Sebastian, who was also a composer and penned over 1,000 songs, passed away on July 13, 2015, after his 16-year battle with bone cancer. His legacy lives stronger than ever amongst his loved ones and fans.

“Being able to make this album has been a long process,” Figueroa admits. “It’s an album that has a lot of my father’s soul and respects his way of loving his art and work.”

Watch the video premiere for “Hoy Tengo Miedo/Me Voy A Comprar Un Perro” and read the poem in Spanish below:

“Me Voy A Comprar un Perro”

Me voy a comprar un perro
Pa´no sentirme tan solo
Y no lo digo con dolo
Ya ven que el perro sí es fiel
No como el amor aquel
Que me partió media madre
Hoy, hoy no hay perro que me ladre
Colmillo que roe este hueso
Estoy muy triste
Por eso me brota este sentimiento
Que va desde el pensamiento
Hasta la punta del pie

Preguntaránse por qué si la vida es tan hermosa

No me jalo a una mocosa
De esas que se oyen gritar
De esas que tienen el pecho erguido
Como aquel cerro
Ay, Dios
Quién fuera becerro
Para acabarse de criar
No, no vayan a pensar
Que soy tan libidinoso
Soy muy humano, las gozo
Pero no me hacen feliz
Traigo vacío el velís
Y traigo el alma bien flaca
Vivir así vale shit
Así no quiero vivir
Me voy a comprar un perro
Para que aúlle en mis noches
Pa´que ahuyente los reproches
Que llegan de madrugada
Cuando le digo a mi almohada
Que la amo y no me contesta
Mi soledad hace fiesta
Fiesta muda y socarrona
La soledad

La soledad es cabrona y no la voy a aguantar
Mejor me voy a comprar un perro
Como he pensado
Pa´que se muera a mi lado
O yo muera al lado de él

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