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Italian parliament slams Bill Gates and his Vaccine Agenda DMT.NEWS

"Crimes against Humanity".

Is it not a coincidence that Bill Gates good friend is also the pioneer at Moderna - Dr Robert Langer, now finalising the World's only "FINAL SOLUTION", otherwise known as the NO.1 FDA preferred fast tracked promoted COVID Vaccine.

Is it not also coincidence that Dr Langer is also producing the world's first RFID Chip as requested by Mr Gates some year ago which is now ready for sale and will be inserted in to the patient via the syringe at the time of vaccination and thus the patient's vaccination data will be available for all to see, scanned by any smart phone and can NEVER be doubted again.

How reassuring for us all.

EVEN THOUGH, Moderna's own Press release states :

"In the trial of 45 volunteers, conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, eight volunteers who got two doses of the vaccine produced protective antibodies "roughly on par with people who recovered from a natural infection of the virus that causes the COVID-19 illness", the U.S. biotechnology company said in a news release".

People who recovered from a natural infection of the virus that causes the COVID-19 illness according to Oxford University should account for about 85% of the World's population. Perhaps this hysteria of finding a Vaccine is the result of Mr Gates spending Billons on Lobbying these politicians, taking over the WHO and founding Various other Government "Blessed" organisations such as GAVI, appointing their management and directing their EUGENICS based Agenda, over the last 20 years that now he can literally call the tune for 90% of OUR Health World Leaders' ?

Let's us be clear, in Mr Gate's NEW WORLD AND HIS NEW VERSION OF "NORMAL"

If you cannot prove via your RFID Chip and that you have taken his sterilising, cancer, measles, paralysis and autism causing Vaccines, 75 of which are now mandatory in the USA, then he and his friends would have those non compliant members of society excluded socially, financially and in every other way possible, down to the education of your Children, thus removing your access to having any sort of a life. Even buying a plane or a train ticket it seems will not be possible in Mr Gates' future unless you have complied with his latest vaccine requirement.

As for Italian Parliament MP for CAPRI, Sara Cunial does not seem to agree with Mr Gates, or even with her Italian PM Senior Conte, she suggests he is also good friends of Bill and Melinda, and as she confirmed in front of the entire Italian Parliament this week, she recommends that Mr Gates should immediately be "tried for Crimes Against Humanity" and not continued to be relied upon as the World's GO TO "Health Guru and Expert."

Italian Parliament :

Perhaps the Tide is starting to turn for Mr Gates and his rotten despicable agenda ?

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by , Khareem Sudlow