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There’s A Version Of ‘Cats’ Out There Where All The Cats Have CGI Buttholes



This. Folks, this is the content we need right now. Everyone in the world is running around panicking, snatching up toilet paper, and singing from their balconies? But us? Nuh-uh — not us. HERE, at BroBible, we’re spending today writing about… CGI feline buttholes.

Coincidentally enough, this is somehow the second article I’ve written about Cats today, perhaps proving that maybe the world is well and truly coming to an end after all.

This morning’s article was about Seth Rogen using the country’s current situation as an opportunity to get extremely high and sit through Cats. Frankly, considering everything going on these days, it’s a Twitter thread we deserve.

This story, however, is far more fascinating (and frankly, important) as it involves perhaps the funniest term I’ve ever heard while covering the entertainment industry: CGI buttholes.

Earlier this week,  writer Ben Mekler tweeted that he wanted a tell-all book about Cats available for everyone to read to help us get through our current pandemic.

One of Mekler’s followers quickly responded that he had a friend who was hired to do VFX on the movie during post-production, and his job was exclusively to remove buttholes that the production staff originally added and then changed their minds about. [via ScreenRant]

That’s right, people: at one point in this very uncertain and distorted reality of ours, there was a version of the infamously awful Cats movie that featured a bunch of human-feline hybrids with CGI buttholes. Obviously, the CGI buttholes were eventually removed before the film’s release, but the very notion of their one-time existence again begs the question: how in the almighty hell did this abomination of a movie get made?


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