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Dynamic Duo & EXO's Chen Release 'You'

Dynamic Duo & EXO's Chen Release 'You'



Dynamic Duo & EXO's Chen Release 'You'

1/24/2020 by Tamar Herman

K-pop star Chen, a member of popular group EXO who began releasing solo albums last year, and hip-hop team Dynamic Duo reunited to release their new song “You” on Thursday. 

“You,” also known as “Alone” in Korean, is a hip-hop ballad that pairs Chen’s evocative tone with the Duo’s rhythmic flows, sweetly offering up a comforting, melodic love song. 

Dynamic Duo and Chen previously collaborated on “Nosedive,” released three years, on Jan. 23, 2017, which went on to become popular in South Korea.

The new track from the collaborators was shared through a music video that features a touching romance for the ages featuring a couple in Italy. Watch it below.

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Tamar Herman, Khareem Sudlow, DMTDaily