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See Arlene Gottfried’s photographs of 80s New York City after dark

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When Arlene Gottfried passed in 2017, the world took note as The New York Times ran one of her photographs on the front page of the Saturday edition and a full-page obituary inside. After a lifetime of picture making, it was a fitting tribute to the artist who had gone largely unheralded in her own lifetime. 

But Gottfired did not travail in obscurity. The author of five monographs, Gottfried’s spent her sunset years basking in…

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Gottfried Danger Gottfried Lightening Bolt late 70s Gottfried Poconos Rollerdrome late 70s Gottfried Porn Actress at Pussy Cat Theater late 7 Gottfried Pose Late 70s Gottfried Rollerdrome late 70s 
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