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ESPN 'Monday Night Football' Yellow Down Graphic is Being Ripped Apart on Twitter


The ESPN Monday Night Football yellow down graphic is getting criticized by fans on Twitter. 

ESPN's Monday Night Football returned this week, and viewers are not happy with the neon yellow down scoreboard graphic that's appeared during the telecast. 

In the night's first game, the Texans are taking on the Saints, but it's the scoreboard that had fans talking as ESPN made its down-and-distance graphic yellow.

This confused fans as it made every play look like a penalty due to the traditional yellow flag graphic. The box even turns black during a penalty, further confusing fans. 

This complaint comes after fans ripped ESPN’s crew of Joe Tessitore, Booger McFarland and Jason Witten last season.

The New York Post's Andrew Marchand reported that he was told by a producer at a rival network that he doesn’t think ESPN will be able to change the yellow color until next week.

Here's what Twitter users had to say about the marker:

Next week will tell if the network changes its approach. 


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Charlotte Carroll, DMT.NEWS