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Andrew Yang Gets Visibly Emotional During Gun Safety Town Hall

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During the Everytown Gun Safety Town Hall in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang was brought to tears after a woman in the audience shared a gut wrenching story about losing her four-year daughter.

Prior to asking a question the woman said her daughter was struck by a stray bullet in 2011 and that her son, her daughter’s twin brother, witnessed the tragedy. After reciting some information and statistics about accidental shootings, the woman asked Yang what he would do as president to address unintentional shootings.

Sitting on a panel, Yang seemed to get emotional from the start of the woman’s story. So before answering her question he asked if she would mind if he gave her a hug. Following the embrace, Yang broke down. While fighting back tears, he attempted to explain his emotions.

“I have a six- and three-year-old boy, and I was imagining,” a tearful Yang said, “I was imagining it was one of them that got shot and the other saw.” He added, “I’m so sorry.”

Yang then spoke about how tough it is being away from his family while campaigning, saying, “The biggest downside of running for president for me has been that I don’t get to see my family very much.” Yang added, “That scene that she described, I’m sorry, it’s very, very affecting.”

Yang then addressed the woman’s question saying, “You’re right that when there’s a gun in the household, you’re more likely to have a child get shot or the owner get shot than to kill, let’s say, an intruder into the house. Those are just numbers, those are just the facts.”

The entrepreneur then spoke about a solution that he’s proposed: personalized guns. “If we can convince Americans that personalized guns are a good idea then again, if the child gets ahold of the gun then they can’t do anything with it, then it just becomes a very heavy, expensive prop… One of my proposals is to actually help gun owners upgrade their guns to personalized guns, free of charge. If we can do that… that will help make kids safer.” Then Yang turned back to the woman and said, “I’m so sorry. That story should not be possible. I’m so sorry.”


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