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"Shark Tank" Star Wants Newly Minted Billionaire Jay Z To Join The Panel

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Now that's he's been christened as hip hop's first billionaire, everyone wants a piece of Jay Z—even more so than usual. For years, there have been conversations regarding whether or not Jay or Diddy would reach the billionaire status first, but either mogul taking the title is celebratory news for the industry. This mark also places Jay in another ranking as he's now the fifth black billionaire in the United States.

TMZ cameraman was able to catch a moment with Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran and he asked what she thought about the 4:44 rapper's latest accomplishment. "He deserves it," she said. "C'mon. He's a self-promoter, he works his ass off. Why shouldn't he be a billionaire?" She added, "I bet he'll be a guest shark, why not? I'll make sure he gets invited. It's not my job [to get people on the show], it's my producer, but now that you say it, he'd be [fabulous]."  

For those unfamiliar with Shark Tank, the show features a panel of wealthy business tycoons who are presented with ideas from hopefuls looking to turn their creative passions into a money-making cash cow. If anyone knows how to navigate business, it's the man with a billion dollars. Maybe Jay should just skip over being a Shark Tank guest and create his own urban version of the show.


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