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$uicideboy$, Travis Barker Reveal Cover & Release Date For "Live Fast Die Whenever"

$uicideboy$, Travis Barker Reveal Cover & Release Date For "Live Fast Die Whenever"

$uicideboy$ and Travis Barker look like a perfect match on paper right? Well, they seem to think so too. During a February airing of the Joe Rogan Experience, Barker hinted towards a potential $uicideboy$/Barker by mentioning the duo within a list of his "current collaborators"- among them Smokepurpp and Vic Mensa.

When Joe Rogan pressed him for more details on the matter, Barker simply came out and said it. "I'm in the studio right now with this group called $uicideboy$ who are awesome, they're from New Orleans," Barker said enthusiastically."We have an EP coming out that’s called Live Fast Die Whenever that we just finished over the weekend, or yesterday.” Bear in mind, this was back in February before $uicideboy$ announced their intentions for a nationwide tour with Denzel Curry, Pouya and Shoreline Mafia among others.

Barker and the New Orleans duo kept silent until about 20 hours ago when they joined in unison to post the Live Fast Die Whenever cover design on their respective Instagram pages. Alongside a cover shot depicting a children's choir of the goth persuasion, Barker and $uicideboy$ revealed the date of May 24th, 2019 as their coming out party. Interesting to note, Barker's announcement comes days after his band's (Blink-182) Instagram page was wiped from the face of the earth.



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May 5, 2019 at 11:06AM