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#TimeDone Continuing The Mission Nipsey Hussle Helped Launch

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#TimeDone Continuing The Mission Nipsey Hussle Helped Launch

May 29, 2019 | 11:46 AM

Los Angeles, CA – Nipsey Hussle’s death won’t stop the movements he put in place to help people. #TimeDone, a campaign he helped launch with Californians for Safety and Justice, has released a video to honor the fallen artist and reiterate the campaign’s continued efforts to assist Americans with past criminal convictions.

#TimeDone is campaigning to pass laws in California that would allow people with misdemeanor or lower-level felony charges to have their criminal records sealed from public view after completing jail or prison sentences. The efforts would remove the barriers to job and housing opportunities.

“My loved ones, my brother, my family, friends, they been in and out the system,” Nipsey says in the video. “It’s against common sense for someone to pay their debt, go to jail, do time and come home, and still be penalized and held back from integrating back into regular society and life.”

Join the campaign by texting #TimeDone to 72345.

For more information, visit the Californians for Safety and Justice’s website.

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