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ScHoolboy Q Is Beefing With The Whole State Of Delaware

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ScHoolboy Q was only recently involved in a Twitter war when he took to the platform to talk some smack about Delaware rapper, Jim Cretes, for using a verse of his without -his alleged - permission for his song "Hustle 101".

As of this past week, however, the "Floating" rapper appears to have found himself in some hot water with what seems to be the whole state of Delaware after rapper BMagic302 (the area postal code in his name revealing that he hails from the same state) posted the following video of him on his Instagram page:

After the post, the rapper also released a diss track titled "ScHoolgirl Q," and had his fans bombard Q's Instagram repping the 302.

ScHoolboy Q proceeded to take down the first post about his merchandise that had been flooded with comments from Delaware, prompting BMagic302 to fire back with the comment: "Nigga u deleted the whole post and reposted???? 😱 Oh u SENSITIVE SENSITIVE 🤣 #SchoolGirlWho diss on my page now got this nigga in his feelings like a low budget drake."

That last comment sparked a whole string of interactions between the two beefing rappers which you can follow through the stream of tweets and screen captures below:

(ScHoolboy Q responds)

Picture via @BMagic302 Instagram

(ScHoolboy Q starts following BMagic302 and comments on his posts)

Picture via @BMagic302 Instagram

(ScHoolboy Q DMs BMagic302, sends video of himself pulling into his gated community)

Picture via @BMagic302 Instagram

(ScHoolboy Q makes a bet with BMagic302 about whether the rapper can reach 2500 Instagram followers)

Picture via @BMagic302 Instagram

(Just some more casual shit talk)

Picture via @BMagic302 Instagram



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