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Camels create the illusion of having two heads on one body!

Camels create the illusion of having two heads on one body!

At first glance, this appeared to be a remarkable two headed camel on display at the Peterborough zoo. From a distance, it appeared that there was one body, four legs, and two heads. But closer inspection revealed that it was actually two playful camels engaged in an affectionate game of some sort. The male was standing behind the female, with his head and neck draped over hers. Their necks and heads were intertwined in a way that gave the illusion that both heads belonged to one beast.brbrAt one point, the male pauses to look at his audience as if to ask what they are staring at. Or perhaps it is the look of a camel who is amused by the joke that he has played upon the spectators. It appears that the two are being friendly with each other and neither seems to mind the interaction.brbrCamels are fascinating animals, immediately recognizable by their large size, growing to a weight of more than 2,200lbs (1,000kg). Famous for their humps, which were once believed to store water, camels are unmistakable. The truth is that the humps store fat which can be used to allow the camel to go as long as three weeks without food. Even though metabolizing this fat also produces a small amount of water, it is actually other unique features that allow the camel to go over a week in a hot climate without drinking water.brbrCamels have intestines that are adapted to removing water from feces, allowing the camel to remain hydrated longer. Their kidneys function so efficiently that their urine is highly concentrated and very little water is lost through urination. They also have elongated red blood cells, which can still move through their veins when their hydration level is much lower than ideal. All of these adaptations make camels the ideal work horses for extreme climates.brbrMost people recognize that camels have one or two humps. The dromedary has a single hump and the Bactrian camel has two. Although we once believed they were different species, the fact that they can breed and produce fertile young suggests that they are different varieties of a single species.brbrWhether they have one head or two, camels are amazing animals! Source & embed code: For licensing, please email


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May 1, 2019 at 08:56PM